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Zevo Flying Insect Trap Refill Kit (2 Pack)

Zevo Flying Insect Trap Refill Kit (2 Pack)

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Flying Insect Trap Refills Only (Model 3) - Use with Zevo Flying Insect Trap to eliminate flying insects Includes 2 refill cartridges - Each cartridge lasts up to 45-day or until full Non-toxic - No chemical insecticides . no odor . easy to use The ZEVO Flying Insect Trap Refill Kit continuously eliminates flying insects without spraying chemical insecticides. Just plug it into any wall socket to activate the bio-selective light attractant system to attract flies . fruit flies . gnats and moths and capture them into a super-sticky cartridge that you throw away. Use the ZEVO Flying Insect Trap in any room in your home where flying insects are seen. Great for garages . covered patios . kitchens and bathrooms Works day and night Eliminates flies . fruit flies . gnats . moths DEVICE NOT INCLUDED

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